About Phia


Michelle and Karina

We met at a national retail store and while we were there we noticed mothers and daughters searching for clothes in styles and sizes that were hard to come by. Twelve to sixteen year old girls don’t wear children’s styles, and they don’t fit into women’s clothing. 

So we decided to open our own store to help the tween and teen girls find clothing they could feel comfortable in and look good in. As mothers ourselves, we understand walking the fine line of finding clothes the girls like and the parents approve of. We know the struggle of shopping for girls that are transitioning between child and adult clothing and we strive to make it easy for parents and fun for the girls. 

Our goal is to help all girls: tween, teens and women feel good about themselves and learn how to dress appropriately for their body type. If you learn what looks good on your body type, you will feel better about yourself and thus be more confident in the world. 

From tom-girl to princess, we have clothing in a variety of styles. We lean toward the beachy bohemian look but also have formal dresses. There is no cookie cutter fashion that fits all and we are trying to provide a realistic approach; we are all made differently and should embrace and celebrate it instead of trying to conform to a certain mold.


•We want to help instill confidence in young women.  
•We want to help develop a positive body image and help develop their own sense of style. 
•We want to promote empowerment of girls by having inspirational quotes around the store. 
•We want to help girls make a confident, positive first impression.
 •We want to be part of the generation of women who know themselves and know how to get it.

Urban Dictionary: Phia- The type of girl who takes your breath away and is unforgettable.